CM-HT12/D Heliport FATO Inset Perimeter Lights/Aiming point light

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To ensure the safety of helicopter pilots, it is necessary to emit White light in all directions during low visibility periods, indicating the perimeter of the heliport’s Final Approach and Takeoff (FATO) area as well as the aiming point.

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The Helipad inset lights are White constant light. It shows an omnidirectional White signal at night or during low visibility days. providing accurate landing point locations for helicopters. It would be controlled by a heliport control cabinet.

Production Description


- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018

Key Feature

1. The lamp cover adopts Optical tempered glass material with excellent impact resistance, thermal stability (service temperature can be 130℃), great transparency (available with a light transmission of up to 90%), auto-UV resistance, aging resistance, and flammability rating in UL94V0.

2. House of the light is made of aluminum liquid casting and oxidation treatment, the product features are omnicidal, water tightness, and corrosion resistance.

3. Light source adopts the international advanced LED featuring low power consumption, high efficiency, and a light source lifespan reaching 100,000 hr.

4. The light with surge protection device (In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA) can be used in a harsh environment.

Product Structure



Light  Characteristics
Operating voltage AC220V (Other available)
Power consumption ≤7W
Light Intensity 100cd
Light Source LED
Light Source Lifespan 100,000hours
Emitting Color White
Ingress Protection IP68
Altitude ≤2500m
Weight 7.3kg
Overall Dimension (mm) Ø220mm×160mm
Installation Dimension (mm) Ø220mm×156mm
Environmental Factors
Ingress Grade IP68
Temperature Range -40℃~55℃
Wind  Speed 80m/s
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015


Installation Notes

①.The internal structure of light

heliport light 1heliport light 2


②.As shown in the figure below, this light is a recessed light. Before installation, the tube and the lamp housing should be embedded.

heliport light 3


③.The specific installation steps

heliport light 4

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