CM-HT12/CU Heliport Perimeter Lights (Elevated)

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Heliport TLOF lighting system always consist of elevated/flush perimeter lights and floodlighting.Custom solutions are available like operation voltage, color white, yellow, blue, red.

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Heliport perimeter lights are vertical installation lamp. An omnidirectional green light signal can be emitted during the night or during low visibility to facilitate indicating the safe landing area to the pilot. The switch is controlled by the heliport light control cabinet.

Production Description


- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018

Key Feature

● The lampshade is made of PC material and has excellent impact resistance, thermal stability (temperature resistance of 130 ℃), good light transmission (light transmittance of up to 90% or more), UV resistance, and aging resistance.

● The base of aluminum alloy is sprayed with outdoor protective powder, which has high structural strength and corrosion resistance.

● High-efficiency LED light source with long life, low power consumption, and high brightness.

● The lamp power line is equipped with a surge protection device that can be used in harsh climates.

Product Structure



The lamp is horizontally mounted. Do not install the fascia diagonally, flip it, or vertically.

As shown in the figure below, the lamp is a horizontal installation lamp, which should be pre-embedded.

See the product structure drawing for the installation dimensions.

perimeter light


Light  Characteristics
Operating voltage AC220V (Other available)
Power consumption ≤5W
Light Intensity 30cd
Light Source LED
Light Source Lifespan 100,000hours
Emitting Color Green/Blue/Yellow
Ingress Protection IP66
Altitude ≤2500m
Weight 2.1kg
Overall Dimension (mm) Ø180mm×248mm
Installation Dimension (mm) Ø130mm×4-Ø11
Environmental Factors
Ingress Grade IP66
Temperature Range -40℃~55℃
Wind  Speed 80m/s
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015


Every six months or one anniversary, it is necessary to clean the lampshade. The cleaning requires a soft cleaning tool. A rigid cleaning tool cannot be used to avoid the scratching lamp cover (plastic material).

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