Solar Power Low intensity red aviation obstruction light

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This is a self-contained, maintenance-free solar powered aircraft warning light. It comes with solar panels and batteries and does not require an external power source.

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Widely used in various fields of the Air Force, civilian airports and obstacle-free airspace, helipads, iron tower, chimney, ports, wind power plants, bridges, and city high-rise buildings that require aviation warnings.

Usually used below 45m.

Production Description


- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018
- FAA  AC150/5345-43G L810

Key Feature

● PC material with UV-resistant,90% light transmission,high impact resistance.

● High structural strength, corrosion resistance.

● The lithium battery energy storage,high electric energy conversion efficiency.

● The micro-power intelligent control system ensures precise power management and low power consumption.

● Low carbon tempered glass mono crystalline silicon solar panels with high energy efficiency.

● Further use reflector optical design, visual distance, angle more accurately, thoroughly eliminate the light pollution.

● Light source adopts LED with long lifespan up to 100,000hrs, lower power consumption and high efficiency.

● Used the photosensitive probe fit for the natural light spectrum curve, automatic control light intensity level.

● The circuit of the light has surge protection, so that the light is suitable for a harsh environment.

Product Structure



Light  Characteristics
Light  source LED
Color Red
Lifespan of LED 100,000hours (decay<20%)
Light  intensity 10cd, 32cd at night
Photo sensor 50Lux
Flash  frequency Steady
Beam Angle 360° horizontal beam angle
≥10°vertical beam spread
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Mode 3.7VDC
Power Consumption 3W
Physical Characteristics
Body/Base Material steel, aviation yellow painted
Lens  Material Polycarbonate UV stabilized, good impact resistance
Overall Dimension(mm) 167mm×167mm×162mm
Mounting Dimension(mm) 106mm×106mm -4×M6
Weight(kg) 1.1kg
Solar Power Panel
Solar panel Type Monocrystalline silicon
Solar Panel Dimension 129*129*4mm
Solar Panel Power Consumption/Voltage 25W/5V
Solar Panel Lifespan 20 years
Battery Type Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 4.8Ah
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Battery Lifespan 5 years
Environmental Factors
Ingress Grade IP66
Temperature Range -55℃ to 55℃
Wind  Speed 80m/s
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015

Ordering Codes

Main P/N Type Power Flashing Options
CK-11L-TZ A: 10cd [Blank]:3.7VDC [Blank] : Steady P: Photocell
CK-11L-TZ-D B:32cd F20: 20FPM

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