CM-DKW/Obstruction Lights Controller

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Controller designed for powering and monitoring obstruction lights

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It is suitable for controlling the working status of the monitoring various series of aviation obstruction lights. The product is an outdoor type and can be used in outdoor environments.

Production Description


- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018

Key Feature

● Directly adopt the signal control method with the same voltage level as the power line, the connection is simple, and the work reliability is high.

● The controller can also customize the fault alarm function. When a controlled lamp fails, the controller can give an external alarm in the form of a dry contact.

● The controller is powerful, reliable, safe, simple and convenient to use and maintain, and has built-in anti-surge devices.

● The controller is equipped with outdoor light controller and GPS receiver, and the outdoor light controller and GPS receiver are integrated structure.

● Under the action of the GPS receiver, the controller can simultaneously control the same type of obstacle lights to realize synchronous flashing, turning on and off the lights.

● Under the action of the light controller, the controller realizes the functions of automatic switching and dimming of different types of aviation obstruction lights.

● There is a touch screen on the cover panel of the controller box, which can display the working status of all lamps and can be operated on the screen.

Product Structure

Product Structure


Type Parameter
Input Voltage AC230V
Function consumption ≤15W
load power consumption ≤4KW
The number of lights that can be controlled PCS
Ingress Protection IP66
Light control sensitivity 50~500Lux
Ambient temperature -40℃~55℃
Environment height ≤4500m
Environment humidity ≤95%
Wind resistance 240Km/h
Reference weight 10Kg
Overall Size 448mm*415mm*208mm
Installation Size 375mm*250mm*4-Φ9

Installation Notes

Controller Installation Instructions

The controller is wall-mounted, with 4 mounting holes at the bottom, fixed on the wall with expansion bolts. Mounting hole dimensions are shown in the figure above.

Light Controller + GPS Receiver Installation Instructions

It comes with a 1-meter cable and is equipped with a mounting bracket. The installation size is shown in the figure below on the right. It should be installed in an open outdoor place, and it should not be aimed at other light sources or blocked by other objects, so as not to affect the work.

Installation Notes1
Installation Notes2

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