Medium intensity LED aviation obstruction light

Short Description:

It is PC and steel omnidirectional red LED aviation obstruction light. It is used to remind pilots that there are obstacles at night, and to pay attention in advance to avoid hitting obstacles.

It works in flashing at night, as required by ICAO and FAA. User can specify nighttime flashing, or custom 24 hour flashing/fixed.

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Medium Intensity Lights are complied with the Civil Aviation (ICAO) and can be installed on every obstacle between 45 and 150M of height (Pylons, communication towers, chimneys, large bridges, Buildings, and Cranes).
For obstacles that are tall, it is recommended to plan an illumination on various levels, with Medium Intensity Light at the top, and Low-Intensity Light Type B at the intermediate level. And, according to the rules, an uninterruptible power supply cabinet has to be installed to ensure a 12-hour beaconing in case of power supply failure.

Production Description


- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018
- FAA  AC 150/5345-43H L-864

Key Feature

① Lampshade of the light adopts PC with anti-UV which is a high-efficiency light transmission of up to 90%, has quite a high impact resistance, and fits the bad environment very well.
② Light body adopts aluminum alloy material with protection powder, the structure is of high strength, and resistant to corrosion.
③ Use parabolic reflector optical design, and range further.
④ LED light source, high efficiency, long lifespan, low power consumption, good brightness.
⑤ Based on the single chip computer control, automatic identification synchronization signal.
⑥ Same power supply voltage with synchronous signal, integrate into power supply cable, eliminate the damage caused by error installation.
⑦ Used the photosensitive probe fit for the natural light spectrum curve, automatic control light intensity level.
⑧ Inner surge protection in the circuit.
⑨ Integral structure, the protection level of IP65.
⑩ The obstruction light adopts a full-encapsulation process, which is resistant to shock, vibration, and corrosion, and they can be used for a long time in harsh environments. The durable structure of light is easy to be installed. GPS synchronization or signal communication synchronization by control panel as for you chosen.

Product Structure

CK-15 CK-15-D
CK-15 CK-15-D


Light  Characteristics CK-15 CK-15-D CK-15-D(SS)        CK-15-D(ST)           
Light  source LED
Color Red
Lifespan of LED 100,000hours (decay<20%)
Light  intensity 2000cd
Photo sensor 50Lux
Flash  frequency Flashing /Steady
Beam Angle 360° horizontal beam angle
≥3° vertical beam spread
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Mode 110V  to 240V  AC; 24V DC, 48V DC available
Power Consumption 2W /5W 2W /5W 4W /10W 2W /5W
Physical Characteristics
Body/Base Material Aluminum Alloy, aviation yellow painted
Lens  Material Polycarbonate UV stabilized, good impact resistance
Overall Dimension(mm) Ф210mm×140mm
Mounting Dimension(mm) 126mm×126 mm -4×M10
Weight(kg) 1.9kg 7kg 7kg 7kg
Environmental Factors
Ingress Grade IP66
Temperature Range -55℃ to 55℃
Wind  Speed 80m/s
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015

Ordering Codes

Main P/N   Operation Mode (for double light only) Type Power Flashing NVG Compatible Options
CK-15 [Blank]:Single SS: Service+Service [Blank]:2000cd AC:110VAC-240VAC Type C :Steady [Blank]:only Red LEDS P:Photocell

(Blue Bottom)

D:Double ST:Service+Standby   DC1:12VDC F20: 20FPM NVG:only IR LEDs D:Dry Contact (connect BMS)

(Red Color Lamp Cover)

      DC2:24VDC F40:40FPM RED-NVG:dual Red/IR LEDs G:GPS
        DC3:48VDC F60:60FPM  

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