Supply CHAPI System(Heliport Approach Path Indicators) for Heliport in Brazil

Applications: Surface-level heliports

Location: Brazil

Date: 2023-8-1

Product: CM-HT12-P Heliport CHAPI Light


A heliport designed and equipped to allow helicopter landing and take-off operations during the nighttime or in low visibility conditions. These heliports have specific features and devices to ensure the safety and efficiency of nighttime operations.

Nighttime heliports are equipped with adequate lighting systems to enable helicopters to land and take off safely. This may include approach lights, landing area illumination lights, signaling lights, and orientation lights.

To ensure safe landing, allowing the pilot to determine correctly the approaching direction and descent angle, each flight approach path is required to have a CHAPI or HAPI System.


The heliport approach path indicator (CHAPI) provides the pilot with a safe and accurate glide slope on final approach to the helipad. A row of CHAPI light housing assemblies placed perpendicular to the approach path are seen by the pilot in combinations of red, green, and white to indicate a path that is too high, too low or correctly on slope.

The CHAPI system has a filter inserted between the white and red filters of each lens to provide a 2° wide green sector that, when visible from both units, signals the proper glide slope angle of 6°. Angle deviations that are too high show one or two white lights, and those that are too low show one or two red lights.

Heliport in Brazil1

Key Features

Power: 6.6A or AC220V/50Hz or Solar Kit

Light source: Halogen lamps.

Rated power: 4×50W/per unit/or 4×100W/per unit.

Weight: 30KG

Red-Green-White color transition clearly.

Each unit consists of an electrical angle device to appea the elevation angles.

Accuracy±0.01, 0.6 minutes of arc.

In the event of the misalignment of units exceeding the threshold system will switch off automatically.

3 legs with flange base adjustable in height, easy installations.

Bulbs and color filter automatically positioned, no need for extra position when replacement.

Aviation yellow painting UV stabilize, corrosion resistant.

Installation Pictures

Heliport in Brazil2
Heliport in Brazil3
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