MET Tower/Meteorological Mast/Wind Monitoring Tower Marked With Aircraft Warning Light System

Applications: MET Tower/Meteorological Mast/Wind Monito

Ring Tower

Location: ZHANGJIAKOU, Hebei Province, China

Date: 2022-7

Product: CM-15 Medium Intensity Type A Obstruction Light with Solar Kit System(solar panel, battery, controller, etc)

Aircraft Warning Light System1


A measurement tower or measurement mast, also known as meteorological tower or meteorological mast (met tower or met mast), is a free standing tower or a removed mast, which carries measuring instruments with meteorological instruments, such as thermometers and instruments to measure wind speed. Measurement towers are an essential component of rocket launching sites, since one must know exact wind conditions for an execution of a rocket launch. Met masts are crucial in the development of wind farms, as precise knowledge of the wind speed is necessary to know how much energy will be produced, and whether the turbines will survive on the site. Measurement towers are also used in other contexts, for instance near nuclear power stations, and by ASOS stations.

For the safety of low flying aircraft these towers must be marked properly. Aviation obstruction lighting is used to enhance the visibility of structures or fixed obstacles which may conflict with the safe navigation of aircraft.


We CDT offer solutions for autonomous obstruction lighting systems, for the tower over 107m, we provide the white medium intensity obstruction light. Designed to meet FAA Style D obstruction lighting requirements per Chapter 6 of the AC 70/7460-1L Advisory Circular. This style marking requires day/twilight protection with 20000cd white flashing obstacle light and night protection with 2000cd white flash aircraft warning light.

And the obstruction light installed bottom, middle and top of the tower, GPS flashing synchronization, power supply of batteries which will be charged by PV panels, and connected to the obstruction light controller with an array of dry alarm contacts to report on all aspects of system health.

Medium Intensity Obstruction Light (MIOL), multi-LED type, compliant to ICAO Annex 14 Type A, FAA L-865 and Intertek certified.

This product is the ideal solution when looking for compact and lightweight obstacle light, realized with high-quality products and with patented features.

CDT MIOL-A Medium Intensity Obstruction Light has been designed to be a compact and lightweight product; it can be easily installed on an horizontal surface thanks to its base or vertical surface thanks to its mounting bracket and a balance of patented lenses, electronics and mechanical components make this device the most reliable and high-quality LED Aircraft Warning Light available on the market.

CM-15 Obstruction Light Key Features

● Based on LED technology

● WHITE light - Flashing

● Intensity: 20.000 cd day-mode; 2.000 cd night-mode

● Long lifetime>10 years life expectancy

● Low consumption

● Lightweight and compact

● Degree of Protection: IP66

● Easy to install

● Wind resistance tested at 240km/h (150mph)

● Intertek certified

● Fully ICAO compliant (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third party laboratory)

Installation Pictures

Aircraft Warning Light System2
Aircraft Warning Light System3
Aircraft Warning Light System7
Aircraft Warning Light System6
Aircraft Warning Light System5
Aircraft Warning Light System4

Post time: Aug-14-2023

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