Huanggang area 500KV high voltage power transmission Aviation Warning Spheres project

Application: 500KV High Voltage Power Transmission Line.

Product: CM-ZAQ Orange Color Aviation Warning Spheres

Location: Hubei Province, China

Date: Nov. 2021


Ezhou Airport is located near Duwan Village, Yanji Town, Echeng District, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, China. It is a 4E-level international airport, an international port for aviation logistics, and the first professional cargo hub airport in Asia. It is an important measure for Hubei Province to build an international cargo channel.The 500KV High Voltage power transmission line is near to Ezhou Airport, we need to keep the airport safe, so 168pcs aviation obstruction spheres were installed as a warning.



Aviation obstruction spheres are designed to provide visual warnings to pilots, especially near power lines and overhead power lines. These spheres are used to alert pilots to the presence of these obstacles, especially when crossing rivers and high voltage transmission lines. By improving visibility, they help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of aircraft and electrical infrastructure.

One of the key features of our aviation obstruction sphere is its material composition. These spheres are made of PC+ABS alloy and reinforced with fiberglass for superior durability and elasticity. This ensures that they can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as intense sunlight, strong winds and heavy rain. The 600mm diameter sphere provides ample surface area to attract the attention of passing pilots, making it an effective warning device.

Another great aspect of our aviation obstruction sphere is its distinctive orange color. This color has been carefully chosen to maximize visibility, especially against the backdrop of a clear blue sky or green landscape. When mounted along wires, they create stunning visual contrast, making it nearly impossible for pilots to miss them. Additionally, reflective tape can be added to the sphere if desired to further enhance visibility during nighttime operations.

Installation Pictures


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