800KV Transmission tower Aviation Obstruction Lighting

Applications: 800KV Electricity Transmission Towers 

Product: CM-19  High Intensity Type B Obstruction Light equipped with Solar Kits

Location: ZheJiang Province ,China

Date: Nov. 2022


800KV high voltage transmission line tower come cross from baihetan to zhejiang .

The customer required obstacle warning light system day/night marking for transmission line towers come across baihetan to zhejiang . The system needed to be low-cost, quick and easy to install and self-contained system operating at day and night .


To ensure a reliable electrical grid and aviation safety of passing aircraft come cross from Baihetan to Zhejiang of transmission line , we needed to deploy new, reliable LED obstruction lighting day/night marking on the electrical transmission and distribution towers

To satisfy that requirement clients chose CDT LED High Intensity Type B Obstruction Lighting Kits for their transmission towers up to 150m. Designed as turnkey lighting solution right out of the box, the Obstruction Lighting Kit consists of PV panel ,battery system,mounting and control unit. The system is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and meets the CAAC requirements.

Client also opted to power the obstruction lighting with solar power supplies thereby minimizing the power consumption while maximizing the efficiency of each light.
The Led High Intensity Obstruction Lighting Kit is immune to high voltage EMI (electromagnetic emissions), is waterproof to IP65 standards and capable of continuous operation between temperatures of -40degree – 55degree.

All of CDT obstruction lighting products are available in AC, DC and solar versions. Options include cable kits, mounting brackets and remote monitoring.


Item No: CM-19

High Intensity Solar Obstruction Light (MIOL), multi-LED type, compliant to ICAO Annex 14 Type B, FAA L-857 & CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China)

Rules concerning aircraft warning light are established by the ICAO (Annex 14, Chapter 6). Our High Intensity Lights can be installed on every obstacle superior to 150M of height (Pylons, Civil Engineering Structures, Buildings, Cranes, and Chimneys). It is also recommended to add an intermediary level every 105 meters.

● Based on LED technology

● CM-19: White Light - Flashing; 100 000cd in daylight, 20 000cd at twilight and 2 000cd at night)

● Long life time >10 years life expectancy

● Low consumption

● Lightweight and compact

● Degree of Protection: IP65

● No RF-radiations

● Easy to install

● GPS & GSM versions available

● Integrated light sensor for day/night operation

● Integrated flash control and diagnostics including remote monitoring contacts

● Wind resistance tested at 240km/h

Installation Pictures


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