220kV OHTL Transmission Line Tower Marked with Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

Applications: 220kV Transmission Line Project in Yunnan Province

Location: China, Yunnan Province

Date: 2021-12-27

Product: CK-15-T ICAO medium intensity type B, modular self contained, Stand-alone, LED solar powered aviation obstruction light


The construction of Pingyuan photovoltaic power station can optimize the power supply structure in Wenshan area, contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction, have good environmental benefits, effectively promote the development goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" in my country, and meet the needs of regional load development. It meets the needs of economic development and has good social and economic benefits. Therefore, it is very necessary to build Pingyuan photovoltaic wind power project. The construction of this project is mainly to meet the power transmission and consumption of Pingyuan photovoltaic power station. The construction of this project is conducive to the adjustment of Wenshan Prefecture's power supply structure and promotes the sustainable development of energy.         

● The line exits from Pingyuan Photovoltaic Booster Station and connects to the 220kV Luduhei substation 110kV incoming line structure. The total length of the line is approximately 31.26km, and the entire line is constructed as a single circuit. Among them, the open space on the north side of Luduhei substation was converted into a cable line, with a burial depth of about 2.0m and a cable path length of 0.2km.

● The newly built towers have 92 bases, all of which are iron towers, including 63 bases for linear towers and 29 bases for tension towers. The conductors are JL/LB20A-300/40 aluminum-clad steel-core aluminum stranded wires, and the ground wires are two OPGW-24B1- Type 80 aerial composite optical cable, the cable model is ZRA-YJLW02-Z-64/110-1×500 cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable.


CK-15-T ICAO compliant medium intensity type B, solar LED obstruction lighting system for temporary installations like transmission line towers. The compact, integrated design is stand-alone, maintenance-free and includes a high-efficiency LED light source, solar panels and battery.


● Obstruction light for a wide variety of cranes used in Harbors

● Solar Crane Obstruction Light

● Solar Tower Obstruction Light for Night Marking Telecommunication Towers

● Tower Obstruction Lights

● Metallurgies

● Towers Telecom

● Transmission Line Towers

● GSM Towers

● Smokestacks,

● Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions for air traffic with a steady burning red or flash safety light.


● Solar panels on all 4 sides simplify installation and reduce battery charge time

● Replaceable and recyclable batteries to extend product life


● Infrared LEDs

● Standard and extended mounting brackets

● Choice of battery pack sizes to meet desired autonomy


● 3-year warranty

● 1-year warranty on battery

Installation Pictures

Solar Aviation Obstruction Light1
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light2
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light3
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light4
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light5
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light6
Solar Aviation Obstruction Light7

Post time: Oct-13-2023

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