220KV High Voltage Transmission Line Power tower uses the Type A medium intensity obstruction lights

Advantages of CM-15 Obstruction Lights

ICAO Compliance: The CM-15 obstruction lights adhere to ICAO standards, ensuring a uniform and globally recognized approach to aviation safety. This compliance is crucial for structures near flight paths, minimizing risks and ensuring seamless air traffic.

Versatility: With a luminous intensity range of 2000cd to 20000cd, these lights offer versatility to adapt to various environmental conditions. Whether in challenging weather or diverse terrains, the CM-15 lights provide consistent and reliable visibility.

Sustainable Energy Source: Embracing green energy, the incorporation of a solar power system adds an eco-friendly dimension to the high voltage transmission line towers.


As Sichuan province forges ahead in its energy infrastructure endeavors, the integration of CM-15 Type A medium intensity obstruction lights signifies a commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainability. These lights not only illuminate the towering power structures but also illuminate the path toward a future where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of a rapidly evolving energy landscape. 


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Post time: Jan-23-2024

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