The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully

Enlit Asia 2023 was a very successful event, taking place on 14-16 November in Jakarta at ICE, BSD City. Enlit Asia is one of the largest energy industry exhibitions in the region. Attendees from Asia and beyond come together to discuss the latest technologies, innovations and trends in sustainable and renewable energy. The show features a wide range of exhibitors including energy companies, equipment manufacturers, service providers and government agencies. The event provides a platform for industry leaders, thought leaders and innovators to come together, exchange ideas and forge new partnerships. Throughout the show, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge advances in renewable energy, energy storage solutions, smart grid technology, energy management systems and more. Industry experts held a variety of seminars, workshops and panel discussions providing valuable insights into the future of energy. In addition, the exhibition also features a large number of live demonstrations, interactive displays and product launches, allowing visitors to experience the latest energy technologies first-hand. The event is an excellent networking platform connecting professionals, investors and government representatives from the public and private sectors. Enlit Asia 2023 exceeded expectations, attracting record visitor numbers and receiving positive feedback from participants. It plays a vital role in driving the region’s energy transition, fostering collaboration and promoting the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. Overall, Enlit Asia 2023 became the top event for the energy industry, contributing to a more sustainable and greener future for the world.

The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully1
The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully2
The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully3
The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully4
The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully5
The Enlit Asia 2023 Ended successfully6

This time, many customers visited our booth and showed interest in our obstruction lights. Obstruction lights play a vital role in improving safety by providing visibility and preventing collisions with structures such as high voltage power towers, buildings and tower cranes,etc. Likewise, customers tested our different types of obstruction lights, including low intensity aviation obstruction light, medium intensity solar power obstruction light and conductor marker lights.

Additionally, creating an interactive and informative experience for potential customers is key to demonstrating the value and benefits of products. It may be helpful for us to collect feedback from our customers to understand their needs and any potential opportunities for improvement. Additionally we continue to follow up with these customers after the show to cultivate those connections and potentially secure future sales.

Post time: Nov-20-2023