CDT Group Team Will Attend In The Exhibition of Enlit Asia 2023

Background of Enlit Asia

Enlit Asia 2023 in Indonesia is an annual conference and exhibition for the power and energy sector, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with ASEAN’s strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low-carbon energy future.

As the largest country in ASEAN, Indonesia accounts for around two fifths of the region’s energy consumption. Energy demand across the country’s more than 17,000 islands could increase by four fifths and electricity demand couple triple between 2015 and 2030. To meet this demand, Indonesia is not only shifting reliance on domestic coal and imported petroleum, but also adding more renewables to its energy mix. The country has set out to achieve 23% renewable energy use by 2025, and 31% by 2050.​

CDT Group Team1

So for this situation,we wanna seize this chance to expand our market to share our products. What’s more,cause having effected with Covid-19 for 3 years,we didn’t go aboard to expand our oversea market in the world.As we all known,Enlit Asia is the only regional event that brings the end-to-end power and energy value chain together on one platform.In this platform,we can know the keeping up-to-date with industry developments,the experience new technologies and developments,sourcing new products,exploring our business opportunities and meet new partners and customers,and the last one is network with industry peers and colleagues.So as for these reasons,we attend in this show which will be held from 11/14/2023 to 11/16/2023 (3 days exhibiting) .​

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CDT Booth Number is 1439. And for this exhibition,we will show our aviation obstruction light whose application for electrical transmission lines,telecommunication towers(GSM towers),wind turbines,highrise buildings,bridges,airports and other places where there is need to mark the obstacles.

Exhibits relate to low intensity,medium intensity and high intensity LED aircraft warning lights, solar powered LED obstruction lights, intelligent control panel systems,aviation marking lights. Especially,some new products will be shown in this platform.Welcome our regular clients and new partners to our booth.

Share to you our previous exhibition show from 2018-2019.

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Post time: Aug-04-2023